World record OSR yield thanks to Bionature

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Focus on nutrition produces world record 7.01t/ha

Lincolnshire farmer Tim Lamyman has beaten his own world record yield for oilseed rape thanks to bionature’s new seven-spray foliar feed programme.

The record was broken at the end of July on the 600ha Lamyman Worlaby farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

At 7.01t/ha, the yield is well above this year’s average UK farm yield of 4.8-5.0t, which comes after a particularly challenging, dry summer.

Tim puts yet this latest success down to applying liquid nutrition to the crops at every stage of the growing cycle, to produce deep rooting and relieve plant stress.

Here’s how he did it:

Bionature rangeCalFlux, XStress,
Field size8ha
Harvested26th July 2018
SoilChalky sandy-clay loam
Yield7.01t/ha for 40% oil content

“I’ve always prided myself on pushing yields further, but as a farmer it’s all about returns in the end. We use Bionature and I’ve never seen pod size and density like it.”
Tim Lamyman, Lamyman Worlaby Farms

The seven-spray programme

Two sprays of calcium-rich CalFlux were used during flowering to help stimulate growth, keep the crop greener for a longer period of time and fight off the effects of hot weather. Despite the crop being damaged by pigeons during the winter, by March the crops showed excellent root structure, with long, straight roots to depths of 200-250mm.

A spray of XStress was also applied to strengthen the cell walls during the hot, dry weather, encouraging polyamides and preventing the production of ethylene.