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NHK Delta is a slow release potassium fertiliser which enhances crop quality, production, rooting and stress tolerance in your crops. Specially designed for optimum plant growth.


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NHDelta products are designed to resist leaching. Thanks to better stability of nitrogen, total loading of nitrogen into the crop can also be significantly reduced.




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Calflux is a better delivery system for calcium absorption. It allows plants to absorb and maintain calcium in those parts of the plant that suffer from symptoms of calcium deficiency.



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1-4-All is one product for all crops. Designed to complement our range of Delta and CalFlux products, 1-4-All contains a balanced range of micro-elements for optimised plant growth.



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ToPPit is a speciality 0-30-40 liquid foliar fertiliser thats nitrogen-free. It provides all the essential nutrients pea and bean crops need to maintain healthy growth and high quality yields.


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TipTop is a specially formulated, water soluble, sprayable foliar feed with the full compliment of macro and micro-elements with “Lightning” technology for rapid uptake.



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Rainbow Wave is designed to help plants to grow more, higher quality fruits and flowers with a specially balance mixture of boron and molybdenum.


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XStress liquid fertiliser is specially designed to minimise the negative effects of environmental stresses on your crops. Its unique blend of nutrients helps protect crop growth in extreme conditions.