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Stronger, more balanced plant growth for your crops with NHK Delta potassium fertiliser – improve the yield, quality and productive life of your plants

NHK Delta is an exclusive and potassium slow release fertiliser, that enhances crop quality, production, rooting and stress tolerance. NHDelta technology offers the most beneficial way of feeding plants their nitrogen requirement. By balancing the use of amide and nitrate, plants grow in a more “natural* way, with better root development, shorter internodes better flowering and improved seed / fruit production.


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NHK Delta

Low environmental impact

All of our products are gentle on the farm environment. Because soil retention is that much higher with NHK Delta, lower use rates are required and so application dosages and frequency are kept to exactly what’s needed.

Improves yield, quality and fruit homogeneity

Stronger, more balanced cytokinin plant growth from the start, as well as stronger, healthier crops at the end. NHK Delta can also extend the life of your crop, giving you more productive land for longer.

Speeds up metabolic activity and growth
Speeds up metabolic activity and growth in comparison with other conventional fertilisers. NHK Delta is biologically stable and 100% plant available.
Highly efficient form of amine nitrogen (NH2)

Acting in this way, plants absorb the correct proportions of nitrogen to obtain optimum yield and quality, stimulating the rooting processes and flower and fruit development while reducing excessive vegetative growth generated by conventional nitrogen products.

Enhances potassium absorption

Enhances potassium absorption but without interfering with calcium and magnesium uptake – which improve growth in saline soils. NHK Delta also gives plants greater photosynthetic ability


“I’ve always prided myself on pushing yields further, but as a farmer it’s all about returns in the end. We use Bionature and I’ve never seen pod size and density like it.”
Tim Lamyman, Lamyman Worlaby Farms