Protect crops from the most extreme environmental stresses

XStress prevents plant damage in situations where extreme stresses threatens your crop. It stimulates anti-oxidant production, neutralising reactive oxidative substances in the plant cell, promoting the production of polyamides and preventing the production of ethylene. It works especially well when combined with CalFlux, where the extra Calcium supports the polyamines.

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Improves growth in difficult conditions

Powerful anti-stress product that provides resistance to all forms of environmental (abiotic) Stress

Better post-harvest

XStress improves post-harvest conditions in all kind of fruits, by neutralising the toxins generated in the cells during moments of stress.

Strengthens cell integrity

Specially formulated to improve the plant’s natural defences and promote stronger cell walls. For specific details on crops/rates/timings please contact your local agent.



“I’ve always prided myself on pushing yields further, but as a farmer it’s all about returns in the end. We use Bionature and I’ve never seen pod size and density like it.”
Tim Lamyman, Lamyman Worlaby Farms