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Stabilised nitrogen and calcium fertiliser – NHCa Delta foliar feed which encourages stronger root development and higher plant quality

NHK Delta is an exclusive and potassium slow release fertilizer, that enhances crop quality, production, rooting and stress tolerance. NHDelta products are designed to resist leaching through the soil profile or volatilising into the atmosphere and therefore reduce environmental pollution. Due to better stability of nitrogen, total loading of nitrogen into the crop can be significantly reduced. NCHCa Delta is available in pack sizes of 20 litres or 1000 litres.


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NHCa Delta

Improves yield, quality and productive life
Key benefits
  • Growth habit improvement
  • Increased stress tolerance
  • Higher productive potential
  • Less NO3 residues
  • Less ground water residues
  • Higher level of proteins in grain
  • Better production of carbohydrates
  • Improvement in flowering
  • Better balance Auxins/Cytokinins
  • Higher weight/fruit
  • Formula: 10% NH2 stabilized, 5% NO3 , 9% CaO, O.2% B
  • Category: EC Fertilizer
  • Formulation: Liquid
  • Pack Size: 20 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC’s
Compatibility in tank mix

Compatible with most of pecticides and foliar fertilizers. In case of doubt, it is recommended to conduct a jar test and a small scale test to check compatibility in order to guarantee physical compatibility.

Dose rates
  • Dose rate for foliar application:- 5-10 Lt/Ha in at least 100 Lt of water it is recommended to apply 2 to 4 times per crop cycle. In vegetables, apply every 10-15 days after planting
  • Dose rate for irrigation applications:- 5-30 Lt/Ha



“I’ve always prided myself on pushing yields further, but as a farmer it’s all about returns in the end. We use Bionature and I’ve never seen pod size and density like it.”
Tim Lamyman, Lamyman Worlaby Farms