One product for all crops. 1-4-All liquid fertiliser gives a balanced combination of micro-elements to encourage optimum plant growth

Designed to complement our range of Delta and CalFlux products, 1-4-All is one product for all crops. It contains the essential foliar nutrients that your crops need for the metabolic processes of the plant in order to develop stronger root structures and healthier, more long-lasting crops. 1-4-All is available in pack sizes of 20 litres or 1000 litres.

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Improves yield, quality and productive life

Formulated with ‘Lightning’ technology, 1-4-All is readily absorbed and used by the plant whatever the environmental conditions. Lightning overcomes the inherent difficulties of micro-nutrient absorption by improving the plant’s own natural ability to take up nutrients, resolving deficiencies extremely rapidly.

Amplifies metabolic activity

1-4-All is a fertiliser designed to hasten the uptake of applied nutrients and amplify the metabolic activity in crops. Getting nutrients into crops and metabolised quickly and efficiently brings forward the development of crops, giving earlier maturity, colour and sugar formation.

Helps plants absorb nutrients rapidly

1-4-All contains biostimulants that interact with the crop to help plants absorb applied nutrients rapidly, clearing up visual signs of micronutrient deficiency earlier than conventional trace element fertilisers.

Reduced application rates

1-4-All is very efficient, allowing reduced application rates whilst delivering better performance – an important advance in sustainable agriculture.

Enhanced foliar fertiliser

1-4-All is designed as a foliar fertiliser and should be sprayed to ensure thorough coverage of the plant up to the point of run-off. Rate of application is at between 2-5 l/ha. For specific details on crops/rates/timings please contact your local agent.



“I’ve always prided myself on pushing yields further, but as a farmer it’s all about returns in the end. We use Bionature and I’ve never seen pod size and density like it.”
Tim Lamyman, Lamyman Worlaby Farms