Pea trials show the true Delta difference


We’ve just had some exciting results back from one of our ongoing pea trials using the Delta programme – and here’s the photographic evidence. We were looking to improve disease score and increase peas per pod and pea weight – Increasing process-able yields and enhancing quality through nitrogen application. Our trial compared the growth in one half of the field that had Delta applied to the other half that didn’t. As you can see, the difference is clear. With Delta and 1-4-All the crop has developed larger leaves, more top growth and canopy and stronger roots.

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Programme details

  • Early: Two-and-a-half litres of Delta
  • At two true leaves:One litre of 1-4-All
  • At four true leavesTwo-and-a-half litres of Delta and one litre of 1-4-All
  • Final application: Two more applications of Rainbow Wave and Delta.

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