Spot the difference: How ToPPit can transform pea crops

treated and untreated side

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so we’ve used an aerial drone to see how a couple of applications of our latest product can make real, visible improvements to pea and bean crops.

Last month we announced the launch of ToPPit, a speciality liquid foliar fertiliser that’s specially designed for peas and beans and now our customers are starting to see the benefits.

One half of this field of peas for Birds Eye have been treated with a non-stress programme of ToPPit for peas and one hasn’t. The difference is plain to see.

The treated side (on the right) has better ground cover, with thicker, greener, healthier pea plants. The side that hasn’t been treated (left) is a long way behind with a large amount of soil still visible between the thinner, less developed plants.

The difference is even more clear in these close up photos below. These shots were taken within minutes of each other and at the exact same height and the images haven’t been doctored, recoloured or cropped. The only difference is in the second image, that ToPPit has been applied twice; with one application at early stages of growth and another at the green bud stage.

This is an area where the crops haven’t been treated:

This is an area where the crops have been treated:

ToPPit is a 0-30-40 liquid foliar fertiliser that provides all the essential nutrients your pea and bean crops need to maintain healthy growth and high quality yields. It contains high levels of phosphorous, potassium and a wide range of micro-elements. Crucially, ToPPit is nitrogen-free which means it meets all the requirements for growing peas and beans in the UK.

It has no risk of scorch, it can extend the shelf life of the pea crops and it can improve the health of the plants and their tolerance against weather, stress and disease.

One thing you can’t see in the photos is that these plants will also have improved roots thanks to ToPPit which encourages strong root development.

Find out more about how ToPPit can help your peas and beans by visiting the product page on our website or contact our team who’d be happy to help.