Impressive results in winter wheat with a Bionature program


There has been yet more good news for Bionature on the Lincolnshire wolds.  Despite the poor growing season we have still managed to impress with four high yielding results from four different varieties.

We achieved 15 t/ha with Theodore, 14.9 t/ha with Champion, 15.6 t/ha Colosseum and 14.7 t/ha with Garibaldi.

These outstanding results are treated with the full Bionature program.

Initially there are two options for pre-winter applications of Delta K.  For earlier drilled wheats (September to mid-October drilled) an application of 2.5 l/ha of Delta K from the 2 leaf stage is advised, and this is followed by another 2.5 l/ha Delta K from early November.  For later drilled wheats, a single application of Delta K at 5 l/ha is opted for.

In both cases our aim here is to encourage a larger root mass.  An optional application of 1-4-All at 1 l/ha can be added with the pre-winter application for wheats vulnerable to early rusts.

After having loaded the plant for the winter, we return to top up the crop around the T0 timing with 2.5 l/ha of Delta K (and 1 l/ha of 1-4-All if required), continuing to support and sustain the development of a larger root mass and increased number of tillers.

At T1, TipTop is applied to help to increase the number of tillers on the plant and support the plant through stem extension.

T2 sees the application of Xstress at 1 l/ha, helping to maintain the extra tillers and keeping the plant greener for longer.

The final application is at T3 with Xstress at 1 l/ha and CalFlux at 0.25 l/ha, helping with green leaf retention and encourage a higher thousand grain weight.

For more information please contact Mark Carter on 07950 313704 (Midlands), Ryan Taylor on 07957 953706 (North) or Tom Robinson on 07494 668732 (South).