2022 World Breaking Records and YEN awards


Bionature is very proud that our products have helped to Tim Lamyman to hit even more world breaking records and YEN awards on his Lincolnshire Wolds farm. The 2022 harvest was particularly good for Tim and is testament to his hard work and knowledgeability.

With the support of our product range, he has achieved the following:

  • YEN Gold – Best wheat, rye or triticale yield – 17.6 t/ha
  • YEN Gold – Best winter barley yield – 16.21 t/ha
  • YEN Gold – Best oilseed rape yield (gross output) – 8.98 t/ha
  • YEN Bronze – Best % of potential oilseed rape yield – 83% of 10.8 t/ha
  • Guinness World record 2022 Wheat yield and Barley yield

Our programmes are designed to encourage rooting and tillering early on, therefore setting up the crop for its maximum potential and helping to increase the biomass of the plant.

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