Bionature lead the way in winter barley world record


Bionature are very proud of the part our products played in helping Tim Lamyman smash the world record in winter barley at the beginning of August, with a yield of 14.2 t/ha at a moisture of 14.92%, beating the old record of 13.8 t/ha.  This was a fantastic achievement for Tim and a true representation of all his hard work throughout the year.

Tim uses Bionature products to his advantage and starts early in the growing stage of the barley.  The first application is Delta K at 2.5 l/ha, which contains a small amount of nitrogen and potassium and is applied from the 2 leaf stage (usually with herbicides and/or insecticides as Delta K can be tank mixed).  This application is designed to target the roots and encourage more fibrous rooting.  It also helps with early tillering of the plant.

Then, around early November another 2.5 l/ha of Delta K is applied, along with 1 l/ha of another product called 1-4-All.  This 1-4-All contains manganese, magnesium, nitrogen, iron and copper and helps to combat the yellowing often seen at this time of year in barley from the cold temperatures.  The crop then goes into the winter months topped up with all the nutrients it needs as plant growth slows down.

As the winter comes to an end and the days start to lengthen, Tim is back into the crop with another application of 2.5 l/ha of Delta K and 1 l/ha of 1-4-All, helping to sustain the tillers and new growth on the plant, for Tim this characteristic is very important when aiming for world records!

At T1, an application of one of our other products called TipTop is applied to the crop.  TipTop is a 20.20.20 formulation with 8 other micro nutrients, allowing the plant to sustain more tillers and therefore creating more biomass.

Next, at T 1.5, Xstress is applied, which has the same base formulation as our 1-4-All (manganese, magnesium, nitrogen, iron and copper), but with the added benefit of an anti-stress mechanism, which allows for green leaf retention in the plant and to sustain a larger biomass.

Finally at the Awns out stage, Tim applies another 1 l/ha of Xstress (for keeping the canopy greener for longer) and 0.5 l/ha of CalFlux, which helps with the thousand grain weight at harvest.

The program is designed to encourage rooting and tillering early on, therefore setting up the crop for its maximum potential and helping to increase the biomass of the plant.

For more information please contact Mark Carter on 07950 313704 (Midlands), Ryan Taylor on 07957 953706 (North) or Tom Robinson on 07494 668732 (South).