Bionature lead the way in oilseed rape yield achievement


Bionature were able to assist in the achievement of a whopping 6.5 t/ha in WOSR, using a mix of hybrid and conventional varieties Acacia and Antigua. The crop was set up to its maximum potentail with Bionature’s own products and grown at our trials farm on the Lincolnshire wolds.

A total of 7.5 l/ha of Delta is applied pre-winter in three split doses from the 2 leaf stage.

This repeat dose application encourages the crop to produce a larger tap root, along with a more fibrous root mass. It also loads the plant up going into the winter with the nutrients it needs.

Early spring, 2.5 l/ha of Delta K is applied to help sustain the increased root mass and encourage branching.

As the plant reaches stem extension, an application of 2 l/ha of TipTop is applied to the crop to sustain the evenly branched plants at this critical development stage, as well as adding biomass to the crop. 0.5 l/ha of CalFlux is also applied to protect the new growth from any frost damage that may occur (2021 had 5 weeks of late frosts that CalFlux helps to protect against).

The final application is at flowering with 1 l/ha Xstress to boost green leaf retention and help maintain extra flower and pod survival. 1 l/ha of CalFlux is also applied to aid with flower and pod survival as well as a uniform size of the pods.

The main aim of this program (as well as the other Bionature programs) is to set the crop up to its maximum potential.

For more information please contact Mark Carter on 07950 313704 (Midlands), Ryan Taylor on 07957 953706 (North) or Tom Robinson on 07494 668732 (South).