Tim Lamyman tells Farmers Guide why he chose Bionature


Lincolnshire farmer Tim Lamyman has been talking to Farmers Guide this month about how he’s still planning for a strong harvest this summer despite the cold, dry spring, thanks to Bionature. He broke the UK wheat yield record two years ago with a 16.5t/ha crop. Here’s how he’s been working with us this year as he looks to beat the challenging spring and achieve the strongest possible yields.

“By using NKH Delta and 1-4-All products from nutrition company Bionature UK, I have managed to retain enough tillers to maintain the potential for a very high yield. I like to see each plant producing the same number of heads so the crop emerges evenly, develops evenly and matures evenly.”

He then wen’t on to discuss his spraying methods in detail:

“(At T0)…2.5-litres/ha of NHK Delta went on to help meet the crop’s potassium requirement, together with 1-litre/ha of 1-4-All to help keep the process of biomass development going.”

“It never ceases to amaze me just what a difference a few days can make.”

He later applied a futher 2.5-litres/ha of NHK Delta and 1-litre/ha of 1-4-ALL at T1, along with 0.5-litre/ha of Rainbow Wave. Click here to view our full product list.

To read the whole article and Tim’s full spraying programme, pick up a copy of this month’s Farmers Guide and head to page six, or get in touch with us for more details.