Roots to success: Smart liquid fertiliser for OSR


Bionature’s range of smart liquid fertilisers for Oilseed rape (OSR) are helping growers across the country.

Here, we take a look at how our Delta range of nitrogen fertilisers and 1-4-All trace element product have been helping farmers with their oilseed rape crops.

OSR at Worlaby Farm, Lincolnshire

Tim Lamyman at Worlaby Farm in Lincolnshire continues has been using our products for several years.

Here are some results he shared with us a few years ago after applying 12.5L/ha of Delta and 5L/ha of 1-4-ALL over 5 applications through the growing season.

The picture below was taken on the 6th February and the distinct Delta enhanced rooting and bigger plant frame is very clear:

In the centre of the image, you can see an untreated OSR plant and on either side are two plants that were autumn treated with Delta and 1-4-All. The two treated plants are clearly larger, bushier and with much more developed root structures than the much smaller untreated plant.

On March 5th, a group of 25 farmers and Hutchinson Agronomists visited the farm for a tour of all crops. They agreed that the OSR was in especially good condition. One member commented:

“It was the good rooting that was especially interesting”

Another then remarked:

“…and the evenness of the crop across the field”

During the visit, some OSR plants were taken from a neighbouring farm and compared to the Delta and 1-5-All plants taken from Worlaby farm. The fields were very close as were drilling dates and you can see they measured up in the image below.

Compared to the untreated crops, the plants that were treated with Delta and 1-4-All have more extensive root growth, thicker stems and are a more robust plant altogether. One of the features of Delta and 1-4-All treated plants is an improved leaf mass and enhanced colour which is evident in the pictures below:

OSR at Tumby Farm, Lincolnshire

On another farm, we were able to see how Delta and 1-4-All treated OSR copes in more difficult soil conditions.

Tumby farm is very sandy and prone to drought stress during the spring and summer months. Despite this, when we tested the crops in March, the roots on the Delta and 1-4-ALL treated OSR were long and well developed, with plenty of fibrous root hairs which will stand the crop in good stead for whatever the season may throw at it:

Our range of fertilisers are well suited for a wide range of conditions and we have a a long track record of supporting oilseed rape growers in the UK.

If you’d like more information on how Delta and 1-4-All can help your OSR, please visit our crop recommendations page or contact us – we’d be happy to help.