Optimum nutrition for sugar & fodder beet

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With crops being drilled and just emerging, now is a good time to consider foliar fertiliser applications to enhance yield (biomass) and sugar quantity. By planning and putting together a three-spray programme from the outset, rather than one off applications when the crop appears deficient, greater increases in plant health and improved growth can be achieved.

  • Treatment 1: From just prior to plant emergence up to 2-3 leaves emerged.
  • Treatment 2: Rosette stage
  • Treatment 3 : Leaf closure in row

At each of these timings use a tank mixture of NHCa Delta plus 1-4- All at a rate of 5 litres / ha + 2 litres / ha. Use a medium spray quality to get good foliar contact and absorption as both products are designed to be taken up by the leaf. Any excess run-off will be taken up directly by the roots.

Cutting edge research for optimum results

The NHCa Delta leads to a better balance of leaf to beet growth, leading to a higher protein to sugar ratio, by triggering the transamination process. The 1-4- All provides a correct balance of micro-nutrients for improved plant health and prevention of any blocks to growth. If soils are low in potassium, NHK Delta can be used as an alternative, while Rainbow Wave should can also be applied at treatment 2 timing – this is for optimal reduction in boron deficiency through leaf uptake.

For further details on individual crop applications , go to our crop recommendations page or get in touch with the team.