NHK Delta and 1-4-ALL as your Autumn application of Nitrogen

field with tree

Worlaby farms have been growing OSR for two years following a prgram of Delta nitrogen and 1-4-ALL (trace element and nutrient uptake enhancer). The harvest year 2012 at Worlaby farms yielded 2 tonnes of OSR per acre where many produced much less.

The Autumn program includes the application of 5L/ha of NHKDelta and 2L/Ha of 1-4-ALL applied to the post emerged crop at 3/4 leaf plus stage. The total Nitrogen supplied to the crop with 5 litres of Delta is less than 1 kg of N.

No further Nitrogen in any other form was applied. Sowing date was circa 20th August 2012 and the Delta and 1-4-All was applied; week of the 17th September 2012.

field with tree

This picture was taken on the 12th October 2012, the crop has a good canopy, full and healthy with no gaps to encourage pigeons. This field was treated with 5 Litres/ha of Delta nitrogen and 2 Litres/ha of 1-4-ALL. No additional Nitrogen was added.


As this close up picture taken on the 12th October 2012 of the plant shows the crop has good healthy leaf development and full canopy.


No gaps is a good start for any OSR Crop, this crop with NHK Delta will be producing a good root structure as Delta enhances the cytokinin related growth in the plant. Cytokinin growth produces bushy plants and greater rooting.