Delta Nitrogen on Picasso Potato crop

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Mr Pearson applied NHCa Delta and left a spray boom untreated, the pictures was taken whilst the picture is not the clearest the field inspection did identify a very clear difference between that treated and that untreated.

The treated crops are growing for longer and surviving the variable weather which will help bulk the crop, which for this very difficult 2012 year is most important.

This picture was taken circa 20th August 2012. The right hand of the picture shows one half of a spray boom untreated with NHCa Delta The left hand spray boom width is treated with NHCaDelta at a rate of between 4 and 5 litres per ha with every blight spray.

After experiencing such a difficult year and seeing the crop suffer so badly it was decided to treat the growing crop with a 4ltr/ha applications of Delta nitrogen fertilizer. We only managed to get two applications of 4 litres applied.

The crop was harvested on 15th October and the grower has lifted one tonne more per acre (plus 2.4t/ha) from the Delta treated crop which is equivalent to a premium of £260 per acre for a Delta spend of £12/acre.