Lincolnshire farmer sets world record for combined peas


Record breaking 6.47t/ha achieved at first attempt with Bionature

Farmer Tim Lamyman has set a new world record for combining peas at his Lincolnshire farm, achieving 6.47t/ha thanks to a detailed crop nutrition programme from Bionature UK. The 8.23ha pea crop was harvested on August 25th at Lamyman Worlaby Farms on the top of the Wolds. It was the farm’s first pea harvest in more than 20 years, but comfortably beat the previous world record for combined peas of 5.21t/ha.

Grown on grade 2 chalky soil on a field with a history for record breaking yields, the large blue pea crop, variety LG Stallion, had an average of 15.35% moisture. Targeting crop nutrition throughout the growing season was the secret to success. Foliar application of Calflux gave the crop the addition zinc and calcium early on, along with Rainbow Wave for boron and molybdenum after flowering.

Calflux was vital for protecting pods and flowers against stresses

“Previously, this particular field has produced record yields of winter wheat of 16.5 t/ha and oilseed rape of 6.7 t/ha. The chosen field offered the potential to develop well-structured root systems, enabling easier nutrient uptake. Leaf samples were taken at four different stages through the crop’s growth cycle in order to identify nutrient deficiencies to which the relevant products were then applied, as required. Manganese deficiency is normally an issue with field peas, however, levels within the crop were adequate for most of the growing period. Probably because of the plant being better able to utilise available manganese in the soil as a result of other key nutrients being applied to the crop as required.”
Tim Lamyman, Lamyman Worlaby Farms

In the news: reaction to record breaking pea harvest

BBC Farming Today Podcast featuring Tim Lamyman’s world record pea harvest with LG Stallion ?
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World record yielding combine pea crop harvested in Lincolnshire #harvest2017 #harvest17 #clubhectare
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Congratulations to Tim Lamyman on new World pea yield record. Just spoken to him for #BBCLincsFarming Sunday morning at 7 @BBCRadioLincs
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“I have learnt a lot throughout this record attempt; nutrition of the crop is certainly key, and by making small tweaks to foliar and aphicide applications there is no reason to believe that we can’t push yields even higher next time. However, as with any crop the weather is always going to play a vital part and we didn’t come off too badly this year as we drilled into moisture and have had rain when required; perhaps the only thing we were lacking was good levels of sunlight while the pods were filling.”
Tim Lamyman