Increase Tillering and Rooting using Delta and 1-4-ALL

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We took 10 plants selected randomly from the Delta and 1-4-ALL treated crop and 10 plants from the untreated crop. Whilst there was no discernible difference from the road side when the plants were compared the results were fascinating.
The treated plants are those on the bottom row.

  • Number of tillers = 2.5 untreated. Weight of plants = 275 grams
  • Number of tillers = 3.5 treated. Weight of plants = 444grams

The roots are better developed on the treated plants and the leaf area and health is improved.

The 10 wheat plants on the top row have not received NHDelta nitrogen or 1-4-ALL trace element.

The bottom row has received 4 applications of NHCaDelta at a rate of 5L/ha at T0, T1, T2 and T3. The treated crop has also received 2L/ha of 1-4-ALL trace element product at each of those application timings.

The treated plants were much heavier and had more biomass with better color and an enhanced root ball.  The 40% extra number of heads should provide higher yield which will become evident at harvest.