Delta nitrogen and calflux Trial work on a range of soft fruit

bionature uk

During the 2012 season and starting quite late in that season Bionature have introduced trial work on various sites for the Hall Hunter group of farms. A more attentive and diligent group of farm managers and technical staff you could not wish to meet.

The team at Hall Hunter have embraced the new technology with an open mind and although we started trial work quite late in the growing season we have seen very positive results.

Calflux has been used on a variety of soft fruit and although operational constraints and weather difficulties may have prevented absolute clear results in some of that work we have seen a difference such as better colour, larger and sweeter blue berries. Also a 20% improvement in shelf life for raspberries which for this year is a tremendous achievement.

Where the Delta nitrogen has been used we have seen a range of positives which we are in the process of evaluating ceratainly we have seen better rooting on strawberry plants which is something we would have expected when using Delta.

Hall Hunter are willing to use our products going forward and certainly there is sufficient good evidence with the small amount of work we have done thus far, to continue a programme of trial work through 2013. We very much thank Hall hunter for their interest and look forward to working with the guys.

Winter Strawberry plants Treated with NHCaDelta. The plant on the left has recieved Delta treatment and that on the right has not.The picture was taken on the 7th February 2013.