DeltaTreated Potatoes. Variety: Markies

DeltaTreated Potatoes. Variety:Markies

These potatoes are grown on some black fen soil, good soil for the job. The farmer has applied NHCaDelta at a rate of 2 Lts per ha with every blight spay and you can see from the sample that whilst untreated is a very fine sample the treated are a more even size and larger.

The untreated sample of Markies are very good and number of tubers is impressive, however there is a variety of sizes an uniformaty is less good than the treated sample pictured below.


The treated Markies have recieved 2 ltrs per ha with every blight spray and have now more uniformed size and shape


These Delta treated Piper had the same yield dig of 3 meter run and produced 19.15 t/ac yield which is a 2.3 tonne increase over untreated. This crop has received between 2 and 3 litres per ha per application of the blight spray. The crop is growing well and will continue to bulk.


Untreated Piper. We took a yield dig of 3 metre from a full ron of crop, no misses in the run and the untreated sample seen here produced a yield of 17.7t/ha