Delta Treated Brassica Plugs v Untreated Brassica Plugs


Mick Nundy prepared two trays of brassica plugs for the two day, 2012 Brassica event, held at Kirton Holme just off the A52 near Boston on the 10th and 11th October.

One of the trays received a standard fertilizer treatment of 1 x 03:01:05 @ 200:1 solution and two applications of 03:01:05 @ 100:1 solution. The treated tray had 1 x 03:01:05 @ 200:1 solution and 2 applications of NHCaDelta @ 100:1 solution.

This is a picture of the treated plugs. The low levels of NHCa Delta have produced the broader thicker leaf with good dark colour. The plugs are robust and stems have good stiffness. there is no discolouration in the leaf and no apparent deficiencies.

This is a picture of the untreated tray of plugs. The leaves are smaller and are suffering with leaf curl and tip burn, there is also some discolouration within the leaf. The lack of calcium may be the contributory factor to the poorer condition of these plugs. When handled they are less robust than those treated with NHCaDelta.

This is a picture of the treated Plugs. The Delta Ca treated tray has produced a very healthy plant with larger leaf area and a thicker leaf. There is no discolouration the plugs have a robust feel to them when handled. The calcium in NHCaDelta has contributed to the overall health status of the plant.

The treated plugs are those on the left hand side and clearly appear much healthier than those on the right which have received a normal program of fertilizer.
NHCaDelta has provided the crop with nitrogen and Calcium and when watered the nitrogen is not washed out of the plug as would be the case with other nitrogen’s.
Although it is hard to see, there is a degree of inter-vein discolouration which would suggest the plant is suffering some form of stress whether abiotic or biotic. Certainly not such stress exists with the Delta treated plugs.