Ahead of the game


Game cover crops – usually sown on the poorest quality soils in the field – will thrive if given the correct nutrition. That’s the view of Tim Furbank, from Oakbank, a leading cover crop consultancy, which advises clients all over the UK and recommends BioNatureUK Ltd’s Delta liquid fertilisers to deliver that nutrition:

“Delta’s liquid fertilisers are applied as sprays, which is easier than using a spreader in awkward shaped plots adjoining field boundaries”, he says.

We recommend NHK Delta and 1-4-All to ensure healthy canopy development

“These plots are often sown in May or June, when compound fertilisers may be volatilised and wasted. In contrast, liquid fertilisers will be quickly absorbed by plant leaves and used efficiently – which could be a major problem in a dry year like this one.”

Several Delta products are helping his company’s clients achieve excellent results:

“We recommend NHK Delta and 1-4-All, applied at two/three leaf stage, to provide early phosphate to aid establishment and good root/stem structure. Tip Top – applied at seven/eight leaf stage – provides nitrogen and trace elements to ensure healthy canopy development”.