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Mark Carter
Mark Carter, Bionature UK

Mark is an ex-farm manager with 30 years’ experience growing root crops. Mark is the co-owner of Bionature UK and is also co-owner of Raleigh Seeds and Countrywide Lincs Ltd. Mark holds a qualification with BASIS, an independent standards setting and auditing organisation for the pesticide, fertiliser and allied industries. The brains of the outfit, Mark is married with two children.

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Stephen Mowbray

Stephen Mowbray, Bionature UK

Steve studied agricultural marketing at Nottingham College of Agriculture and worked for leading food producers and distributors, Geest and MBM. Steve spent a year working in agriculture in Canada before setting up Countrywide Lincs Ltd with Mark in 2004. Steve is married with two boys and he’s a big fan of rugby, gardening, golf and travel.

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Robin Kitching

Robin Kitching, Bionature UK

Robin was born and raised on a farm in South Africa and studied business management at Bishop Burton, a land-based college in Yorkshire. He spent 10 years potato trading for E Parks & Son before joining Mark and Steve as a partner at Raleigh Seeds. Always working to engage the next generation of growers, Robin is also a keen sportsman and is a double Ironman triathlete.

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Stephen Melbourne

Stephen Melbourne, Bionature UK

Steve, whose family has always been involved with farming, left school and served an apprenticeship with Hartford Motors Agricultural. Latter years he was selling and managing at a Mercedes Benz truck dealer and over the last nine years he has been selling and managing 2 local agricultural machinery dealers. He now runs his own agricultural asset finance business alongside the work he does with Bionature. Steve is married with 2 daughters

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Julian Aistrop

Julian Aistrop, Bionature UK

Julian is a former BT engineer went on to start a company selling computers which he ran for several years. Julian is now Bionature’s IT and bookkeeping expert, working behind the scenes to keep everything working smoothly. Julian is into gadetry and regularly flies a drone, shooting footage which can regularly be found on Bionature UK’s Facebook and Twitter.





John Tolliday


John has worked in the agriculture industry all his life and is an expert in potato growing. John is a potato buyer and fieldsman with a wealth of experience. A man you want at your side, John delivers Bionature’s smart liquid fertilisers to clients across the country.




George Mowbray

George Mowbray, Bionature UK








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