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Maize has the highest yield per hectare of any grain crop and it utilises sunlight very effectively, but nutrition has a major impact on maize yields. This is why it’s important to plan a nutrition programme with regular applications of the appropriate fertilisers for each stage of crop growth.

Give your maize crops the nutrients they need from the start of the growth cycle

Over half of the nitrogen, phosphorous and magnesium a maize crop needs is taken up before the plants reach generative growth, along with 80% of the potassium. For this reason, we recommend that you apply NHKDelta and 1-4-All while the crops are young with just 2 to 4 true leaves. After this, we recommend that you apply TipTop five days after you’ve applied your post emergence herbicide.

These smart liquid fertilisers are best used via foliar application, helping your plants grow strong and healthy with well established root and stem structures.


  • Apply NHCaDelta or NHKDelta following the programme
  • Best, via foliar application
  • Dose rate: 2-5 Lt/Ha
  • Reduction in NO3 applications around 30%
  • Compatibility with most pesticides and fertilizers

  • Apply 1-4-All with NHDelta every 14 days
  • Best, via foliar application
  • Dose rate: 2-5 Lt/Ha
  • Compatibility with most pesticides and fertilizers

  • Best, via foliar
  • Dose rate: 2-5 Lt/Ha for most crops
  • For indoor crops: 1-2 ml/ Lt of water
  • Use with max of 2000 Lt of water


Key Benefits

  • Stronger plant growth for improved fungicide performance
  • Aids establishment and root/stem structure
  • Quickly absorbed by plant leaves
  • Nitrogen for strong canopy development
  • Protection against daily stress
  • Improved root development
  • Low nitrogen losses to the environment
  • Growth habit improvement
  • Less ground water residues
  • Improved crop uniformity

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