Huge Oilseed Rape Yield Harvest Achieved By Tim Lamyman With Bionature – July 2017.

Drone farming – spraying peas to prevent foot rot in East Riding – June 2017.

World Wheat Yield Record

Bob Bulmer talks about this years Yield Enterprise Network awards at Tim Lamymans Worlaby Farms, Lincs UK.

Harvesting Propino Spring Barley at Worlaby Farms, Louth, Lincolnshire UK

Bionature sponsored world record holder Tim Lamyman talks to his agronomist, Simon Shaw about how his achieved such high yields in wheat and barley crops. Simon uncovers Tim’s thinking behind lower seed rates, nitrogen and sulphur use and his agrichemical regime. Tim also evaluates specialist foliar applied liquid fertilizers – Delta, 1-4-ALL, Calflux and Rainbow Wave and how this nutritional technology has contributed to record breaking crop yields.

Bionature sponsored world record holder Tim Lamyman talks to Farmacy Agronomist Simon Shaw about how he achieved the 6.14 tonne /ha World Record crop of Oil Seed Rape in 2014. Cutting Seed rates, reduced nitrogen use and specialist foliar fertilizer Delta, 1-4-ALL, Calflux and Rainbow Wave are just some of the areas discussed in this fully revealing analysis of how to achieve optimum yields.

In 2014 Tim Lamyman picked up two gold awards at the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) awards. He’s also broken yield records for crops at Worlaby Farms, Louth, Lincolnshire, UK.

Lincolnshire grower Tim Lamyman has smashed the World Record OSR yield with variety Picto. A yield of 6.7tonnes/ha was harvested on the 5th of August up at Worlaby near Louth.